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LIVE | Black Friday midnight deals include 0.6% off a Ferrari and a low-detail fiber deal


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  • Midnight reveals for Black Friday included a R30,000, or 0.6%, discount on a Ferrari, a Vumatel deal we don’t understand, and 30% off some vellies.
  • The places you can’t go looking for tents are selling pretty cheap tents.
  • Makro stores are expected to see protests throughout the weekend, but its parent company says all will be fine.
  • Here’s what you need to know about Black Friday 2022 in South Africa, including the best deals and discounts we’ve seen.
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South Africans, and especially South African retailers, have been raving about the concept of Black Friday, and there are some great deals on that day.

But there are also plenty of reasons to be skeptical about claimed discounts; things may genuinely be cheaper than they normally are, but that doesn’t mean you won’t get them even cheaper after Christmas.

Here’s what you need to know about Black Friday 2022 in South Africa.

There are some great tent deals in places you don’t normally go looking for a tent.

If you want a tent specifically, you’ll likely head to companies like Cape Union Mart, or new entrant Decathlon, or perhaps a manufacturer like Camp Craft directly.

But it’s worth taking a look at the more general retailers this year.

Takealot is listing the 4-bed Coleman Sundome for R1,300, which the manufacturer lists at R2,000 (almost out of stock) and realistically sells for close to R1,750.

But it is in larger tents that the biggest savings are offered. The Coleman Fastpitch Instant Booth for 8 people is R3,000 at Takealot. That’s a tent that’s easily R5,000 on special, and less than you can reasonably expect to spend on the 6-person version.

Another non-specialist retailer is also using tents as a draw card. The game’s big “one day only” sale in the store includes Camp Master Instant Cabin for 10 people for R2,500, while it will charge you R3,500 online. We have seen people trying to sell used tents for the same price.

Midnight brought a couple of weird deals, including a small discount on a Ferrari and fiber internet with no details.

Online midnight reveals have declined in recent years, as sales spanned several years. So, at 12:01 a.m., not much happened: no major website we tested went down, no huge outrage on Twitter over too-limited stock, and no flashy offers caught our eye.

But there were some interesting offers.

auto attendant presented as “finally here” a set of more than 800 cars that he cataloged as the best offers of the year. That included a 2017 Ferrari 488 Spider for just under R5 million.

That, the seller said, represents a discount of R30,000, which is, in percentage terms, 0.6%.

Another head scratcher came from fiber internet infrastructure provider Vumatel, which tweeted an offer for three months without fiber to anyone who signs up over the weekend. It only said that “standard terms and conditions apply” and pointed to a website with an inquiry form, but no further details.

That left many questions unanswered, including whether Vumatel is still charging its initial connection fee and whether it would cover the cost of the Internet service provider (ISP) that customers have to hire to connect that fiber line to the rest of the Internet.

Vumatel did not immediately respond to questions.

Travel deals could finally return this Black Friday

There just aren’t enough flights, especially domestically, so you might struggle to find really cheap seats. But if you are buying for tourism or a cruise, there are deals for this Black Friday.

And if you’re shopping for 2023 and 2024, vacation packages could be discounted really well, thanks to the airline industry’s expected full (or at least fuller) post-pandemic recovery by then.

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Makro not worried about strike plans

The SA Trade, Catering and Allied Workers Union says it will picket Makro stores on Friday and Saturday. The union is demanding a 12% raise, while Makro owner Massmart has offered 4.5%.

But the company isn’t worried, saying it has contingency plans and doesn’t expect any disruptions in purchases.

Makro has a wide variety of things for sale in online-only deals, from fans to frying pans, in what it calls its “Black 5 Day” promotion. Much of that comes with free shipping.

Read in News24 | Union plans picket at Makro warehouses on Black Friday

There are some pretty good deals on air fryers.

Several retailers are interested in selling air fryers this year, we think because it’s still a relatively new category of supposedly must-have gadget that’s small enough to fit in a cart but commands a fairly high price tag.

Early Black Friday air fryer deals have already been selling well, retailers told us, and some of the prices are quite attractive, with claimed discounts of up to R1,000.

We have seen prices ranging from R700 to R2500, depending on the brand and size.

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Some big shoe retailers have specials, but you may have to work to get them.

Several big-name shoe brands are already on sale for Black Friday, and many of South Africa’s biggest shoe retailers have special offers. Having an odd foot size or shape can be an advantage.

Some online stores are still waiting for the midnight reveals, others have limited stock offers.

This is where you can go for sneakers, sneakers, athletic shoes, loafers, and sandals.

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Travel offers are back, after two years

This Black Friday promises a wide range of travel deals for South Africans following a two-year drought due to Covid-19 restrictions.

Travel promotions are likely to include discounts on flights, accommodation, and vacation packages.

However, the travel deals on offer are likely to point to travel in 2023/2024.

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Load shedding means you may need to show a little more patience than in pre-pandemic times

Most everyone thinks footfall numbers in stores and malls will return to pre-pandemic levels this Black Friday, which isn’t necessarily good news.

On the one hand, higher sales volumes mean that retailers can offer more and better genuine discounts. But with the impending power rationing, there could be delays, even online.

Stores and malls with backup power will be fine, but they are likely to attract shoppers who may have gone elsewhere, making them more crowded. Websites that may have struggled with demand anyway certainly won’t do any better when the power goes out in some parts of the country, though the biggest hit online will likely be to your local internet connection, business as usual.

No matter which way you’re shopping this Black Friday, keep in mind that cargo loss can throw off your schedule.

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Here’s what you need to know about Black Friday in South Africa.

When is Black Friday in South Africa?

Black Friday, an increasingly global shopping day, falls on November 25, 2022. But South African retailers have rolling discount windows that run until early January, and that’s important if you’re looking for something with a high price tag. but not necessarily. a specific model, let’s say a TV of a certain size but with no manufacturer preference.

Are the prices for Black Friday in South Africa good?

We have been following Black Friday promotions closely since 2018 and have seen some eye-catching promotions. But the best deals tend to be on strictly limited products (and even product subcategories, like specific colors for homewares), with limited stocks available, for a limited period of time. Retailers try to get you to buy more, and sometimes they try to clear the shelves, but they’re not really trying to do you a favor.

Prices can drop a bit below their Black Friday level in the weeks afterward, when retailers miscalculate demand and need to clear shelves.

In more recent years, we’ve seen a return to the good old days before Black Friday, where post-Christmas sales can bring prices that are lower than any other time of the year.

This article is updated regularly. Pricing and availability are correct at time of publication, but with discounts expiring quickly and limited stock, we cannot guarantee either.


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