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CLOCK | The engine of a Greyhound bus allegedly explodes while carrying 25 passengers


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  • The engine of a Greyhound bus allegedly exploded while carrying passengers.
  • The bus was traveling from Johannesburg to Durban.
  • The Greyhound bus company said all of its vehicles were maintained to the highest safety standards, in accordance with manufacturer guidelines.

The engine of a Greyhound bus carrying approximately 25 passengers reportedly exploded in Vereeniging, Gauteng, on Thursday morning.

The bus was traveling from Johannesburg to Durban when the incident occurred.

According to 25-year-old Nompilo Gwala, who was on the bus when the explosion occurred, he originally booked a Cityliner bus ticket for 09:30. However, when he arrived at Park Station in Johannesburg, he was told that he would be taking the Greyhound bus, which arrived at 11:30.

“We were informed by Greyhound representatives that the bus was delayed because it had undergone a service inspection,” Gwala told News24.

“We had just picked up some passengers in Vereeniging when we heard a loud bang. The bus came to a complete stop and the driver immediately started yelling that we should get out of the bus and leave all our belongings behind,” he added.

Gwala said that when all the passengers disembarked from the bus, they realized that the back of the bus, near where the engine is located, was on fire.

She alleged that before the fire could spread due to high winds, the bus driver tried to retrieve her luggage from the bus.

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“The bus driver risked his life, making sure we had our luggage because the fire was spreading so fast.”

A passing tanker truck tried to help but the water was not enough for the growing fire.

Gwala added that police and emergency services arrived soon after to put out the fire.

“After putting out the fire, everyone left, leaving us stranded on the side of the road until a Greyhound representative arrived, assuring us that another bus was on the way.”

According to the bus company, all their vehicles are maintained to the highest safety standards, according to the manufacturer’s guidelines and are serviced on time.

“Vehicles undergo a pre-trip and post-trip inspection before each trip, it is claimed that there was an explosion in the engine compartment, however investigations into the exact cause are ongoing.

“At this point, the company wishes to apologize to the passengers on board for the inconvenience caused by the incident. However, we must allow investigations to conclude what the actual cause of the incident was. For more information, passengers can contact our call center for assistance,” added Greyhound.


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